I have a really strange situation,
I upgraded a Primary appliance to 11.4.3 and everything went smooth, It were running for a day and almost every client upgraded their agent. No problem in upgrade logs..
Today I rebooted the appliance and logged in to zcc. Supprise ! The database were 2 weeks old!! All changes made for the last two weeks were gone. And the embedded sybase database reports 11.4.2. Sybase db files is stored on /vastorage/ and it is not a snapshot that has gone crazy, because I have all logfiles from upgrade on the vastorage disk..
What could have happend ??
Is there any sybase logfiles that can help me find out?

And now I have a system with 11.4.3 binaries and a 11.4.2 database, Is it possible to just update the sybase version?
Best regards