Hi everyone,

I'm configuring and playing with OAuth & OpenID and I'm working with the
cool solution "OpenID Connect with the NAM Identity Server and Oauth2
Playground". Great stuff!
I'm working with Authorization Code grant type. A couple of questions

1. In my LDAP attribute shared settings I have picked a multivalued LDAP
attribute and put it in the scope of my resource server.
In the result that is given back from the UserInfo endpoint only one
value is returned. How can I return all the values from the attribute?

2. In the Global settings tab I'm playing with the time-out settings. I
have set the Access Token and ID Token to 5 minutes and I want to set
Refresh token really high but that isn't possible. 24 is the highest
possible value. When I pick 25 and choose apply the GUI resets the value
to -24 (??)
30 is replaced with -19, 200 to 1, 3600 to 20....Is this resticted
somehow or is this a bug? (NAM

3. The consent that is user gives to the mobile app for the attributes
is stored in the LDAP. (attribute ndisOAuthGrant). How can the consent
be revoked?
I haven't found anything in the docs.


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