Hi All,

I'm running an IDM 4.5.4 environment with the User Application 4.5.4 on
the default tomcat and postgresql DB and we got the following issue.

Every time a new user logs in for the first time on the UA and goes to
the SSPR, the user is forced to set the challenge set answers and after
setting them, we always get the following message.

> SSPR 5019
> Service is not enabled. (5019 ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE (public
> services are not available while configuration is open))

I can't see any relation between this operation and the fact that the
configuration is still open. We are on the production environment and we
can't close it until we solve the issues. As we don't have any access to
the servers and so we can't even try to disable and enable the
configuration edition, is there any ideas on how to solve this issue?

I already tried this KB entry
https://www.netiq.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7016253 but the issue is
still there.


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