We use now GMS 14.2.1. build 237 and Groupwise 14.2.1hp1 build 124595. The newest version from this products. And again we still have issue's with calender not in sync, missing contacts. And now even e-mail's are not in sync. What is your experience with this versions. We already have split all our GMS users over 3 VM's server, so each server has around 250 accounts. We hoped this newest versions should give better, and expecially reliable synchronisation. We mostly use iOS devices, and also a lot off Windows 10 devices. Maybe it's time for a GMS - Change? And go over the the idea to connect directly with the devices to the POA, like webmail. If you also are tiered off this contiuous flood off problems with GMS, maybe you can bring out a vote for this new idea for GMS and Groupwise : https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/nov...ea/Detail/2106