Still running a NW 6.0 sp5 server. Ancient and hardware is getting very sketchy. Looking for an upgrade path - not sure about what direction to go. I know this is pretty open ended. We use the login scripts, file access and still use old DOS programs to access Btrieve files (business critical until we can get them migrated over to MySQL and programs written to access them), still use Netware print queues. And this server was the original server in the tree. We do have DS replicas etc and they are all in sync. We have 4 volumes on this server mirrored (one drive doesn't come up anymore). Looking for a way to move forward while maintaining the data as well as access rights. This server is so old that I would be scared of a migration utility type of upgrade due to the fact that it is wiped out upon reboot and I like the thought of being able to come back to it in the event my upgrade has issues.

We already have several OpenSuSe and NW 6.5 servers in our organization but first wanted to know what the current views are on migration (then decide on what is best way to achieve it).My plan is to obviously get new hardware. But, should/could I go with OpenSuSe and still access the files? (From what I can tell, no). Do I just install a NW 6.5 and dump the data? (Not a good option -I believe) so that begs the question do I go with SLES, OES 11 or OES 2015? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.