I have a fresh install of Sentinel 8 from the .ovf download.
I then have IDM 4.5 and eDir 8.8.8 pointing to the instance of Sentinel

I have upgraded the platform agent on eDir and IDM servers to the latest
version of the agent (2011_1r4)

However, in the server0.0.log I am getting the error:

> Certificate does not conform to algorithm constraints


On the eDir I am getting the follwing from the nproduct.log

> Tue Jan 3 15:03:18 2017 [Novell Audit Platform Agent]: Attempting to
> re-establish connection to secure log server for application eDirInst.
> Tue Jan 3 15:03:18 2017 [Novell Audit Platform Agent]: Failed SSL
> Handshake
> Tue Jan 3 15:03:18 2017 [Novell Audit Platform Agent]: Authentication
> Failure
> Tue Jan 3 15:05:16 2017 [MonitorHealth]: ClientList.size=2,
> UploadList.size=0 , close_wait=0, LastMinEPS=0

And on the IDM Apps

> Tue Jan 03 15:04:36 2017 [SLSConnection.authenticate()]: [INFO] SLS
> reports logging protocol version (4)
> Tue Jan 03 15:04:36 2017 [jlcache/MonitorCache]: Exception while
> preparing to send data to server: Received fatal alert:
> certificate_unknown
> Tue Jan 03 15:04:51 2017 [jlcache]: SocketTimeoutException with client:
> DirXML

I have removed the RSA line from the java.security, but that does not

I have also made sure the all the connectors and collectors are

I would like to use the internal Sentinel certificates as much as

Anyone had similar issues?

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