I have a few scenarios that I have found where passwords do not get
sync'd to O365 and am wondering if others have seen this as well. If
so, have you found a workaround?

The scenarios are the following:

A password that begins or ends with a comma: ,DQKY9Dn or DQKY9Dn,
A password that begins with an asterisk: *DQKY9Dn
A password with any combination of the above two scenarios: ,DQKY9Dn*

The trace error is the following:

Driver: \Servers\DriverSet\MSOffice365
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \Users\user.name
Status: Error
Message: Weak Password. Please see O365 for password

O365 accepts any of those passwords when setting them from the O365
interface, so I'm thinking this must be a bug with the O365 driver. I'm
running version and the 4.5.3 IdM engine & remote loader.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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