I wanted to fetch rpm information for a given CVE from Suse website and list those rpms in an excel using a script. Wanted to know if Suse provides any APIs to do this?

What I wanted to do exactly was that:
- I have a CVE specified.
- For that CVE, I wanted to get all the rpm details & "product names" mentioned in the website & populate this data into an Excel.

For eg: Given "CVE-2016-0264", I wanted to write a script which would populate the associated rpms & product names available in the website and populate that data in an excel sheet.

So for CVE-2016-0264, I want to populate data available in the following link into an excel : https://www.suse.com/security/cve/CVE-2016-0264.html

Specifically, I want to fetch info from "Product(s)" and "Fixed package version(s)" columns.

Are any APIs made available from SUSE to allow me to fetch rpm details and product names, given that I have the CVE number?

If any other method to populate the rpm data (given I have the CVE no.) into an Excel is recommended, I would be happy to learn about it.
Any info on the matter would be helpful!

Thanks guys!