Hi All, we have a file connector (see configuration below) that when it
processes a file of 140.000 records aprox, it stays in loop. With this I
mean that when it finishes processing the file it starts processing it
again and so endless. Regarding the processing of the file, it is
processed ok, so Collector is working fine and I assume that it has to
be some kind of issue related to:

File Connector?
Event Source configuration, for example data check interval value?
Permission on file?

Has this happened to anyone here? Do you have any idea what would be the

****Sentinel environment information:

Sentinel 7.3 Appliance
Custom Collector for processing and parsing files
File Connector 2011.1r1

****Event Source configuration:
File encoding: System default
Is this a rotating file: No
Is this file on: local box
Data check interval: 10
Resume from saved offset
Connection Mode: File: Line Output

****File information
Type: text file
Permissions: rw-r--r--
Owner: root
Records: 140.000
Delimiter: Pipe
Encoding: UTF-8

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