Hi all,

I have a problem getting the REST driver deployed and working on an
environment that I am working on. The driver is pretty much the base
driver with very minor modifications -- I am trying to test some basic
functionality before I do more work on it.

I create a driver in Designer and deploy it. I get the following errors
(truncated due to Pastebin size limitations, but they are very

The driver will show up in iManager. When I try to start the driver in
Designer or iManager, I get an error. A trace shows the error as the
two errors:
Code(-9071) Driver is misconfigured: Code(-9007) Multiple
DirXML-Subscriber objects were found under the DirXML-Driver object.
Code(-9070) Unable to start DirXML driver.

The specific error is detailed in Geoffrey's post in
I tried the fix he detailed and deleted the instances of the driver in
iManager and tried redeploying them with the same results.

Hoping someone here can provide some input.


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