I was called to a customer who needs to move his 2 ZCM Servers (still 11.3.0 but update to 11.4.3 is scheduled) with external DB to a new IP segment. Hostname and DNS will remain UNchanged.

1st server has got the new IP address, the clients show the new IP address after refresh in - ZAA - Properties - Servers -

I have perfomed the actions in "Changing the IP Address of a Primary Server after Installing ZENworks 11 SP3" in "ZENworks 11 SP3 Disaster Recovery Reference" on 1st server.

- do I have to do anything else?
- what happens with clients not currently switched on? will they connect even the IP address on both servers habe changed? Or do I need one server with old IP address until the last client has connected?
- when doing a "zac ci" (or "zac zc") I will see the IP addresses of the servers - but the certificates itself do NOT hold the IP address! Will these IP addresses be automatically updated?

with kind regards Klaus