i have problem with RBE service driver. i have created 178 entitlements
in iManager role based entitlement wizard to add members to 178 groups
based on defined conditions.

our requirement is: we have 178 dynamic groups associate with roles. now
we are using RBE service driver for the same purpose to add members to
the static groups for role assignment and we are planning to
remove/delete dynamic groups once we are all set with static group
membership add.
we created 178 entitlement policies in iManager associate with RBE
so When we run the driver, based on condition same no. of members
should be added to the groups as dynamic group members but we see less
users got added to the groups.
i.e., if bases on entitlement policy 1, there are 500 members in dynamic
group(with same condition and same LDAP query), i could see only 200
members in static group. it happens same for all policies. driver is not
proceeding accurate to add all applicable members to the group. it skips
50 or more % members.

can someone please assist on how to fix this issue? do we miss any
changes or update to add accuratee no. of members to the group.

we use IDM 4.5.5.

-Dipika Gajjar

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