I finally have NSS AD support set up on my OES2015 SP1 server. I have some questions about its use.

1. Using the Novell User Rights Management (NURM) utility I created a user map between AD and eDir. I also then used the OES user rights map to map the eDir rights to the AD users, I guess? That means that if a user properly authenticates to AD, and he is in the user map then his SamAccountName in AD will get the same rights to file objects as the user's common eDir name had to those objects. Is that correct?

2. When looking at the 'View Rights' option in the NURM utility, if the color of the user icon is blue, then this represents and AD user and if the color is red it represents an eDir user, is that correct?

3. Going forward, if I give an eDir user some additional rights do I have to go through the 'Map Rights' process in NURM again so those eDir rights get mapped somehow to the AD version of the user when he logs in? Or is this automatic?

4. Just curious, what does the word storm (https://server.domain.com/storm) have to do with this utility?

5. Why would you have more than one user map?

6. In order for users logged into AD on a WS without the Novell client to use The Salvage and Purge features after mapping a drive to an NSS AD enabled share, we would have to load the NFARM utility on their WS in order for them to see the salvage and purget options, correct?