Migrating from OES11SP2 to OES2015SP1, I encounter the error "POOL_REVISION_CHECK (NCS_CRM_RES_T04:13:255): Cannot online resource 'GW1_SERVER' on node 'hec3', because NSS on the node may not understand the newer NSS media associated with the resource." when migrating an NSS volume from OES11SP2 node to OES2015SP1 node.

The OES11SP2 node is fully patched and has the "oes11sp2-March-2016-Hot-Patch" installed.
The OES2015SP1 node is fully patched.
The volumes are not very large, but might be created under Netware.

TID7017290 :
- My cluster scripts do not use variable substitution.
- oes2015-March-2016-Hot-Patch : not available for OES2015SP1.

The error comes every time.

Applied novell-cluster-services-2.6.0-0.55.3.x86_64.rpm from oes2015-March-2016-Hot-Patch for OES2015, and reboot.

Some times it works, some times it does not !

I would appreciate some advises.

Best Regards.