GW 14.2.1 / SLES 11 SP4 / Active Directory 2012

I have my Primary Domain, pridom, MTA configured to run a Directory User Synchronization nightly at 11pm. It runs dutifully with lots of output (logging is set to verbose):

00:00:00 7B6D Scheduled Event Settings:
00:00:00 7B6D Today's Directory User Sync Event Times:
00:00:00 7B6D 23:00:03
23:00:11 795F Synchronizing Directory XYZ_ORG
23:00:11 795F Connecting to LDAP server at ldapad for Directory XYZ_ORG
....lots of detail....
23:00:16 795F Disconnecting from LDAP server for Directory XYZ_ORG
23:00:16 795F Synchronization complete for Directory XYZ_ORG

Immediately following is this:

23:00:16 795F Synchronizing users for Domain pridom
23:00:16 795F Error: No LDAP Server Address is specified
23:00:16 795F Synchronization complete for Domain pridom

A Directory User Synchronization is also configured in a Secondary Domain's, podom, MTA. This appears in podom's log:

23:00:10 3038 Synchronizing users for Domain podom
23:00:10 3038 Error: No LDAP Server Address is specified
23:00:10 3038 Synchronization complete for Domain podom

XYZ_ORG is Active Directory and pridom is set as its Sync Domain. I can sorta understand why Directory User Synchronization run by podom's MTA might get an error. However, I'm at a loss as to why pridom's MTA would get the same error.

Any insights are appreciated.