Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question but:

Just installed SSPR on a dedicated server SLES11 SP4.. Everything seems to be working just fine.. We currently access the server as follows: this works however we would like to modify 2 things with it...
1) make it secure
2) access it simply by entering

Apache is installed on this server and it has our certificate installed so we can access the server via https:
We would like to have apache redirect to the tomcat page without having to mess with another set of certificates on the tomcat.

I have read somewhere that if you access the server thru apache (secured) you dont need to secure tomcat also ??
Does anyone have a idea of what config changes I need to do to the apache to have it default to a redirect to the sspr page automatically on access and have that page secure ??

As I said this is the only thing that will run on this server therefore no other functions need to be considered
Thanks in advance for any assistance