My customer raised following questions:

a) How much bandwidth is required when an agent sends data(recordings)
to Manager ?

b) How to plan storage requirement for PAM deployment ? Also does PAM
stores data(recording, auditing) in compressed form.

c) where does the PAM stores the credentials of MS Windows
Administrator(for rdp access etc) and root user(for ssh access of
Linux/Unix) .. is it in the DB or in a flat file ?

d) Does PAM encrypts the credentials ? if yes which algo is used (md5,
sha1 etc).

e) if a rouge system admin hard reboots the machine(windows or linux)
and then boots the system in maintenance mode(safe mode in windows and
runlevel 1 in Linux) and either uninstall the
agent or damage the agent by deleting a few files, is there any way to
prevent it.

f) PAM Manager displays the status of machines.. but is there any option
to configure Alerts to send email when a machine goes offline.


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