Windows 10 pro version 10.0.14393
6 GB Ram, 200+ GB hard drive space available.

Installed Filr Desktop version 2.0 (247).
after installation, Rebooted workstation. logged in as the user with userid/password for filr. connected with no issuses.
However, no files appear under the filr folder.

As per TID 7018065, I checked the status of the filr driver. Number of instances is 1.

Any insights of other troubleshooting I can do before contacting technical support? I don't mind opening an SR if necessary, but my time is a bit more limited so have to contact them after normal business hours.

Filr is an appliance on a SLES 11 SP4 host. Working fine with other desktops and also with the ipad and browser interfaces. I'm leaning more toward a problem with the desktop program.

Any insights are welcome.