we have created a shared directory for view description files (ghv) which should be used from different users. So, if I create a email and save it as a view into this directory, the users can see this view under the button "new mail" after a groupwise client restart.
The problem is, if anyone uses this view and sends a mail from this view, the receipient cant read the mail and gets an erro "C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Appdata\local\Temp\XPGrpwise\GW_ 00000x.tmp is not a view description file".

In the directory there are round about 5-10 GHV Files, but only 1 or 2 can be seen in the "New Mail" dropdown. Dont know why....

Everyone has access to the files.

Tested different GW Clients (14.2.1 - 124595, 14.2.1 125534 and other 14.x Versions).

Any Ideas how I can solve this problem ?

D. O.