We use iManager Version 2.7.7 (20160726_0805) in our company and i want to use Dynamic Group for add automatically users (members) to this groups.

First i create Dynamic Group for Example (K_Group) and after that in dynamic group settings , i add query for this group to find and add members automatic to this group.

then i create one folder for Example (K_Folder) in our network drive and edit Properties for this folder. in Properties page and Rights Tab , i uncheck all Inherited Rights because i want for this folder just Trustees can see this folder and another users can not see the folder or access to it.

then i add (K_GROUP) to Trustees list and select READ and FileScan attributes for this group and after that apply and ok !

I test the folder (K_Folder) , nobody can see this folders even (K_GROUP) members !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then i goto the MODIFY GROUP page for K_GROUP and i see in Security Tab , Field (Equivalent to me) is empty !!!!!! i add manually one user in this list and after that check folder (K_folder) with this username and worked and this user can see the folder and another users can not see the folder.

But the Problem for me is , i create Dynamic group and i want to add users automatically to this group with my query .... Now users add automatically to this group but not in Security list for this group , then its not worked and i cant use it.

For me is very important to create dynamic group with query for different Department in company but now i can't do it with dynamic group because members of dynamic group don't add to security list of group automatically !!!

but for Static group when i add member manually in this group (Static group) then this member also automatically copy to Security list but with Dynamic Group , not copied !

Some one can Help me ?!?!? Is this a bug ? or i do it wrong ????

Excuse me for bad English !