Brand new user of eDirectory, version 9 on SLES 11. We are trying to
replace an old LDAP server (made by the, I believe, now defunct company
Mirapoint) with eDirectory's LDAP capabilities. I have successfully
gotten the eDirectory server up and running, and have added the
rfc2307-usergroup and samba-nds schemas.

I am currently attempting to import the LDIF out of the Mirapoint. I
realize that there will be lots of editing required, but I have run into
a snag right away with a basic (I believe) LDAP object.

I have the following DN:

dn: uid=maxUid,ou=ndtcadministration,o=ndtc
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
uidNumber: 57491

When I attempt to import this (using the ice utility), I get this

Object Class 'extensibleObject' does not exist in the schema.
Attribute 'uidNumber' is not allowed.
Record: 6, Schema Validation failed, skipping dn:

AFAIK, extensibleObject is a fairly basic, pretty much included schema
object on all LDAP servers. I have searched through all of the .ldif
and .sch files in /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-schema, and
extensibleObject is not in any of them.

I have also grepped the internet for this error, and haven't found
anything on NetIQ's site, or really anywhere else, that addresses this.
I have found eDirectory documentation that includes the objectClass:
extensibleObject stanza in an import LDIF example, so I know there is
some way to get it. i just cannot find that way.

Any advice?



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