My team is using Designer Version:, Build id: 20150716 and
Subversion 1.8.15-4313.35 (Software version 5.1.1-4313.35) there a
way to only commit/checking specific changes ONLY, whether it be an
entire driver or a single rule change. I do see that I can drill down to
the actual policy change etc....but when I right click on that
particular policy to commit the change, it want's to commit my personal
Modeler layout as well. Our team likes different lay outs and also for
the check in feature, I want to be able to refresh the subversion and
see the changes on the server but then be able to choose which driver
changes I want to check in and not have to blindly check in everyone
else's changes into my Designer.....are these 2 things for the commit
and check in possible for designer?

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