Is there any way to use the Role Vault API to determine a Role's
category? I'm using RoleVault.getRoleUserIn to get a list of the roles
the user is assigned to and put them in a list on my form, but I'm only
concerned with a certain role category. I could do an IDVault get for
each role's nrfRoleCategoryKey, but then I have to give trustee rights
to the admin to read that attribute and I'd rather not do that. I
didn't see a way in the API though to determine the role's category.

Another thought I had was to put the roles I care about in a
sub-container and just parse the resulting DN list from getRoleUserIn to
see if it is in the sub-container I care about.

Side question, can an existing role be moved into a container? It
doesn't appear so (which means I have to re-create all my roles I think
if I want to go that option).



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