Hi All,

Just some background before I get into the problem.

I have two virtual servers that on face value look identical, both are SLES 11 SP3 with OES SP2, one is for user home directories, the other team shared directories.

Users on Win 7 workstations with either the older Novell client 2 (SP4-IR2 or SP3-IR10) or the newer OES client 2 Sp4 (IR 4).

Now for the problem.

Users with the OES client will experience problems with some files in their Home directory, but if the same problem files are copied\moved to the Shared server they have no problems at all.

We have also noticed that after a reboot, the problem files (on Home server) will load correctly on the first request, but each attempt thereafter will fail. This failure has not been experienced from the Shared server.

The failure is not isolated to a particular file type, just the server. Also, any other operation on the problem files from the Home server will fail. I thought it could be caused by file locking, but that is not the case as they are able to load the problem files from a computer with the Novell client.

I have un-install the OES client and install the Novell client and had the users again load the problem files from their Home directory, no problems were experienced, even after several load requests.

I originally thought that the problem may be the OES client, but as the problem is only occurring on one server, then there must be some differences between the two servers in the way files are access. I'm suspecting it might have something to do with the file sharing protocol being used, but don't know how to find this information.

Can anyone advise me on how to determine this?

Or am I on the wrong track?