The bottom line question is: Why are there GroupWise 5 shell extensions on my laptop?

The rest of the story:

This is a 1 year old laptop which at one time had GW 2014 client installed (not GW5 or any other version), but that has since been removed via the Windows 10 uninstall feature. I've been having problems with Explorer hanging for about 30-60 seconds every time I create a new folder. Annoying. Sometimes creating the new folder would cause Explorer to restart but that's a tangent that lead me to my quesiton. (still trying to figure out that tangent)

I used a shell extension viewer to see which 3rd party shell extensions were running to see if any of those were the culprit. Much to my surprise, I see three GroupWise 5 shell extensions (Screen shot: ) This isn't a crisis, but I'd like to know why they're there and how to remove them (I'm not a computer geek). Thanks in advance for any insight.