we have a lot of problems with appointments which are deleted in groupwise arent synced to the mobile devices.

If I do a mcheck on a users account, I'll always see a high value fo "Mobility Calendar count (failure)".

Answering the question: "User problem detected. Do you want to correct the problem by re-initializing the user? (yes/no)" with yes and resyncen user
still does not solve the problem. Everytime a high count of failed calendar items.

Not only with one user, same problem with almost all users.

I've deleted the user, purged the database, removed all old entries in the db from the user and after new created users syncs first time, he gets again failed calendar entries.

But the bigger problem is, if a secretary deletes calendar entries via proxy access, the deletion is not synced to the mobile device. Dont know what to do. In my mind, GroupWise Mobility Serive is absolutely not reliable.

Any Ideas ?