Hi, we are having some troubles trying to configuring the "configupdate.sh" for Identity Applications 4.5.

After installing successfully the Identity Apps 4.5 without any errors we updated the configupdate with HF3 an then ran the configupdate.sh.
We completed the fields in the first User Application tab without problems.
Finally clicking the "OK" button in configupdate.sh we can see an error and the configuration can't be saved. (log attached) error_configupdatesh.txt
We are very sure that te connection details are ok.

Server config:

RHEL 6.5 64 bits
IDM Engine 4.5.4AE
eDirectory 9.0.2HF1
iManager 3.0.2 + plugins IDM 4.5.4 +eDir 9.0
AppServer: WebSphere
DB UA: Oracle 12c
configupdate HF3

Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks for your help.