Can I convert a partition from MBR to GPT while there is a Pool on it?
and then have the Pool expand on the new space available? I'm assuming
I'd need to dismount the volume and deactivate the pool to do this.

A client of mine went and grew a virtual disk to 2.5 TB (from 1.5TB)
and then wondered why the Pool/Volume only went up to 2TB. The
partition was originally created years ago, just about when GPT became
an option so we missed that opportunity. Currently OES11.3 (waiting
for new backup that lets us upgrade the kernel)

I think we have the space to do juggle of a new virtual disk,
initialize as GPT, move the Pool to it, then migrate the virtual disk
back to the datastore we need it part of. but that will take some
time, especially for the site replication.

So has anyone switched a partition from MBR to GPT under the covers?
and how did it go?

Yes this feels risky, but the pay off is big enough to want to explore
it some. I will have full backup if I do proceed, and I am getting my
test box up to the right level to test this, though with just a few GB
so even that won't be a full test.

Andy of in Toronto
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