I'm trying to install Sentinel 8.0 under Hyper-V. I'm using the
Sentinel 8.0 ISO Appliance install. I'm under the impression this is
supported. When I run the install I get as far as the "Sentinel Server
Configuration" where you set the admin password. I hit next and after a
few minutes I get a dialog back that says "Error occurs during
configuration. Try configuring it again?". If I try again I just get
the same box back and if I hit no, the install moves on but I don't
think it configures Sentinel at all. Here is the dialog:


I opened an SR, but so far support hasn't been any help. You cannot ssh
into the VM yet because it hasn't configured anything, so you cannot get
any logs.

I've tried this a few times with the same results.

Is anyone else running this under Hyper-V (Windows 2012 R2)?



|Filename: Sentinel-Config-Failure.png |
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