Anybody have this issue ...
We have users that put their Quicken and/or Quickbook files in their Filr personal storage. For Quicken if you do not logout of Filr before you start up the program, you will have issues. Mostly it won't allow you to use backup features to copy the files to another location before exiting. Not a huge deal, if you get into the habit of logging out of Filr before you start Quicken. Also sync'ing Quicken files is a mess. Filr seems to be confused about which main data file or index file are the correct ones to sync, even if the dates of the files clearly indicate which one is the most recent. Consquently Filr makes multiple "conflicting copies" of the files. The good news, is if you simply close your eyes and trust Filr (even though you now have several "conflicting copies" and just use quicken, it does open the most recent databases.

Quickbooks is a little different. You have to unload Filr completely from memory, logging out isn't enough. If you don't, Quickbooks tells you that you can use the data on Read-Only mode only.

We put in an SR for this on Ver 2 and it seemed to get semi fixed (i.e. the quicken problem never went away, but at least we could open the files, where before the Novell fix, we couldn't even do that), but the issues are back w/ ver 3.

Perhaps we missed a readme somewhere that says you cannot use Filr for DB type files.