If I go to the Novell Beta downloads and look at the patches available for OES2015 SP1, I see a number of them such as the "November 2016 Update - OES 2015-SP1 11034" (TID 5262293) that require me to download a series of small RPMs one at a time and install them. Do these RPM's not get automatically applied when I do a "zypper up -t patch" command??? If not, why not? I would think by now, late January 2017, that the patches that these RPM's represent would be automatically included in the zypper update process.

In general, which of the 10 patches that I see for OES2015 SP1 in the beta download section, going back to July 2016, should I apply to my OES 2015 SP1 server that I upgraded to a couple weeks ago?

If these patches are NOT included as part of the normal OES zypper update process, couldn't MF say so in the TID? IE, say that these patches are NOT included in the zypper updates?

Also, in the "November 2016 Update - OES 2015-SP1 11034", if I need to apply these patches manually, do I really have to download all of the patches one at a time and then install them one at a time? Why doesn't MF provide them in a single bundle of some sort?