I've been using Messenger for quite a long time and am trying to clean up my system a bit. Several years ago I had an issue where DefaultPolicy did not work correctly, which required me to make additional policies. Somewhere in the updates and probably a server upgrade/replacement DefaultPolicy started working again and I'm looking to move my staff back to the single policy but noticed something in the wording that isn't matching up in action.

Per the Novell Messenger 3.0 Documentation:
"If you use the same policy for all Messenger users, editing the default user policy affects all users. If you have multiple user policies, editing the default user policy affects those users who are not governed by another policy."

I read this as DefaultPolicy should apply to any users not explicitly assigned to another policy, that they don't need to be assigned in the "Used By" tab. What I'm finding in practice is that users need to be assigned to DefaultPolicy's "Used By" tab for it to apply. Am I missing a setting somewhere to make it work like this? I'd like to just remove users from my other policies instead of re-adding everyone.