Looking for a way to search a PRD for specific field or text. Example,
if I have a form field called lastName and and want to see where the
field is used in the PRD I have to click on every form field and search
every Events ECMAScript, search all the inline scripts in the Scripts
tab, view all the ECMAScripts in the data item mapping in all the
activities..... It is so easy to miss something that we have form
fields we don't even use anymore that we are afraid to delete the field
that there is some if/else logic in a ECMAScript that only gets called
in a certain scenario and we miss it in testing. This also makes it
hard to debug a PRD that someone else has written that is no longer with
the company and you don't know how it works. I have tried exporting the
entire project to XML to try and search it that way but it encodes all
the ECMAScript. Does anyone have any advice on a way to do this type of

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