Dear community,

When opening the Reporting Module, I do not have any reports I can run.
If I try to import reports, I receive an error:
Unresolved constraint in bundle Role_Assignments_by_Role [9]: missing
requirement [9.0] osgi.wiring.bundle;
(osgi.wiring.bundle=com.novell.content.reportRunne r)
[I tried quite a few different reports which I downloaded, I emptied the
reportingContent folder too to see if a corrupt file was in there but I
do not think so]

The environment: Identity Applications were installed on a Windows 2012
R2 server, version 4.5, Upgrade to 4.5.4 / 4.5.3 for Reporting, EAS is
up and running, DCSD/MSGW are running on the needed driver versions.
Java 8 u 92 was used for the configuration.

The environment was upgraded from 4.0.2, also UserApp/Reporting using
JBOSS, they were stopped and Identity Applications were newly installed
(using Tomcat) on a different server.

When starting the IDM-Service I can see following error in the
catalina.out log:
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exporing '.' is invalid.
org.apache.felix.framework.util.manifestparser.Man ifestParser.normalizeExportClauses......
and so on.

I saw that similar errors were encountered on Update to 4.0.2 Patch D
but cannot find a solution in these posts for me.
I followed all the steps as outlined in the installation / upgrade
documentation and double(or triple?)checked all the settings and
configurations but cannot solve the error.

Any ideas out there?
Thanks a lot and best regards

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