I have several of my IDM/eDirectory instances installed as non-root. It
has been painful over the years because it seems patches come out in a
wide variety of formats. Some RPMs some tarballs, etc. (Please realize
non-root is supported install and many do it--try to make it a bit
easier on us)

Well I am having a very hard time figuring out how to install the above
patch as non-root. I edited the patch properties file with the non-root
location, but it keeps puking on Java not found. The system I am trying
this on is a fully patched non-root installed of eDirectory 8.8. And IDM

Unfortunately we have to do non-root installs, so we can hand off all
the eDirectory management, etc to others. We used to do it with lots of
sudo scripts and permission facls, but decided to just go non-root
installs for newer installations. Thank you for any help.

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