Situation :

- ZCM primary server
- External Sybase DB (SLE12.1)

Ok, just some history about this, i moved the (on primary) DB to a different host with use of the sybase RPM's, and following the direction in moving the database to an external host, which resolved some issues in moving to a new server in a previous scenario, which has worked out fine, so i dont see an issue in this previously executed procedure.

What i've done so far :

- upgrade the RPM's of the Sybase DB server to the versions provided on the zcm2017 media

- retrieved the passwords for both zenworks and zen_audit db's

Now when i start (as described in docs) the procedure to upgrade the ZCM database by launching the installer :
./ --upgrade-oemdb
it doesnt seem to want to authenticate to the zenworks database at all while i'm absolutely sure i am inputting the right information on the requested database information.

Even tho i can verify the database is up with my workstation connecting to both the zenworks and the zen_audit instance with SQuirreL SQL Client (v3.7.1)

The same applies when i try to launch the dbisqlc from sybase itself on the database host

So i'm somehow missing something to get the installer 'see' my databases ...

Any Clues ?

- Michael