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Thread: Netfolder Syncs via Desktop CLient altough set NOT do do so

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    Netfolder Syncs via Desktop CLient altough set NOT do do so

    HI All,

    Running Filr3 (but this even came form filr2, thought it might go away when i upgrade, but no such luck ..... I have a netfolder, maybe there is more or maybe all of them, but this is the ONLY one we dont want to have it synced down to desktop, as this is our "TechSite" where users and technicians can find drivers, updates etc etc, so it is big, and for sure we dont want this to be synced down to the desktops, o the setting for the specific netfolder is "Allow synchronization of daya by: Desktop Application NOT ticked, but it does sync to clients?... if i take away the users right to the netfolder, sure it is gone, but give them back their rights and the entire netfolder syncs down, and it is not just "on demand" it actually eats up the disk space on the clients .... so is there somewhere higher up, or down a setting i am missing?..

    I am currently busy setting another NetFolder to see if the same happens to this..
    And o yes on the current netfodler, p-laying around on the client, setting to online only etc .... at a stage it will tell you there is local chnages etc etc ..and it becomes a real mess

    Kind Regards,
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