I have looked through the out-of-box reports that comes with the
reporting module and I am not able to find a report that does what I
would like. I might be blind of course.

I found a report that lists all the roles a specific user has been
assigned. This report is called: Role Assignements by User Current
State. This report does shows which roles the user has and at what time
it was given to the user. It does not show who gave it to the user.

I have the following scenarios:

1. A manager start a workflow and gives another user a role.

As I see it, there is no report that shows that the manager gave the
user this role and when it was done.

2. A user starts a workflow and requests a roll. The request has to be
approved (workflow approval form). The manager approves the request

As I see it, there is no report that shows the manager approving this
role request

Do I need to make my own report that does these things?

Thanks in advance,


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