Over January we updated our NAM Appliance to 4.3 and our Filr appliances
to 3.0. We have filr ( a clustered large installation with 3 filr
appliances, 2 search appliances and mysql running on a SLES server)
behind NAM.

After the upgrade I found that the Filr desktop application for Windows
64 could not connect to filr. Everything else (web interface, mobile
interface on iPhone) seems to be working, but the desktop won't connect.
It just gives a message saying it is unable to connect to the server.

I have tested the same filr installation with a NAM 4.2 appliance, and
the desktop connection works. Likewise, I've tried a Filr 2.0 appliance
with NAM 4.3 and the desktop connection fails. So it is looking like an
issues with NAM 4.3.

As a workaround, if I uncheck the setting in Filr Reverse Proxy for
integration with NAM, and use a separate DNS entry for it (eg desktop),
then I can get the desktop application to connect. Unchecking the AG box
doesn't seem to affect the rest of filr which works with the original
DNS name.

I'm wondering if anyone has this NAM 4.3 / Filr 3 (or even Filr 2)
combination working? If so, were there any special "tricks" that I might
have missed?