Google isn't returning anything helpful, I have an SR open, but wondering if anyone has struck and resolved this error.

We have an existing tree with all servers up to date in terms of eDir and IDM. 2 new servers have been added with same app versions (9.0.2, 4.5.5). Everything else seems fine, but when trying to set Named Password (via iManager or Designer), there is a UniqueSPIException thrown.

iManager Plugin: NetIQ Identity Manager 10.7.20161004
Designer: Version:, Build id: 20161206

Both report same error. Account used has Supervisor rights. Named Passwords exist on the current servers, just the new ones can't seem to be set.

Final Designer output is "novell.jclient.JCException: request -602 ERR_NO_SUCH_VALUE".

We're working in Sev 1 state to try and replace a dodgy server and this is holding us up from moving drivers to the new servers.