My client asked me to modify a PRD in a specific way, which works. They
wanted an eMail reminder once per day for the when an onboarding task is
assigned, and if the user doesn't respond in three days they didn't want
an escalation, they wanted the HR department notified with an
"tattletale" email and then send it back to the original user again. I
just added a "timed out" flow out of the approval activity, sent an
eMail and looped back into the approval.

To get this tested and working my my lab, I couldn't wait 1 day per test
so I set the lab up as a 1 minute interval. Tested it, worked, stopped
the workflow, all good.

Flash forward two weeks. Minding my own business on a lazy Sunday
afternoon when my phone starts popping once a minute. I check and the
PRD I created has started spamming me. I suppose someone might have been
poking around and tested it. So I hop on the VPN and go into iManager
and terminate the workflow, then I head out on an afternoon of errands.
It didn't stop. It still has not stopped. I terminated every workflow,
but when I look in Catalina.out, it's still running. I restarted tomcat.
I bounced the whole platform. Still getting eMails, checked
Catalina.out, and it's still going. There are no running workflows
showing in iManager, and yet it still running inside Tomcat.

For now, I put a rule in my outlook to kill messages from that address,
but I have to get to the bottom of this.

Anyone have any idea?


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