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Thread: Integrate GW Contacts into Jabber - In any way possible?

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    Angry Integrate GW Contacts into Jabber - In any way possible?


    since Cisco simply says "No because there aren't enough users with that scenario" and third party tools also don't seem to integrate the contacts, only the GW Messenger (from what I read at least) is there any possible way to integrate the GroupWise contact list(s) into Jabber?
    It's annoying to build an entire company contact list with different address books for over a decade just to find out that it won't work in another, modern phone client and that you basically have to start from 0 again with everything, integrating every contact on a users wish if it's missing from the search list if you don't want to import a couple tenthousand contacts into Jabber...

    I know that there's an idea already submitted to the Novell idea-page but due to that not being a Novell problem (or program) and it only receiving 10 votes so far I don't think that anything will ever happen here.

    Does anyone know of a third-party program or a native way to integrate contacts from GroupWise over to Jabber?

    Thanks already!

    Best regards,
    Stefan Kern
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