Since the change to Zcm 2017, we have the following problem when installing Pc's, the Zac.log shows the following message.
"Can not register with server:
On the server is still the cleansing of a previously deleted device from.
Wait a few minutes, and then register."
(The message can differ in wording, it has translated.)
I could wait until Christmas or restart 1000 times, he always stays in this place.

The PC was registered before the conversion to Zcm, I deleted it by hand on the server. The Windows 7 Agent is still 11.4.2.
(We can not use the new Agent 2017 yet. It is not yet possible for us to close the "nal-view" window in the 2017 Agent, as was previously possible.)
But also try with the agent 2017 bring the same error.

With pc's which were never registered in Zcm, everything works as it should!

Does anybody have the same Problem?

Greeting Cornel