While working on a SAP-UM configuration I stumbled upon this disabled set of
driver parameters in the latest NetIQ preconfig:

<definition display-name="SAP SNC mode" id="115" name="nsap-snc-mode"
<description>Select if secure network communications (SNC) should be used.
<enum-choice display-name="Enable">1</enum-choice>
<enum-choice display-name="Disable">0</enum-choice>
<subordinates active-value="1">
<definition display-name="Path to library which provides SNC service"
id="135" mandatory="true" name="nsap-jco-snc-library" type="string">
<description>Set JCO_SNC_LIBRARY</description>
<definition display-name="SNC name" id="135" mandatory="true"
name="nsap-jco-snc-myname" type="string">
<description>Set JCO_SNC_MYNAME, the SNC name of the user sending the
<definition display-name="SNC partner name" id="135" mandatory="true"
name="nsap-jco-snc-partnername" type="string">
<description>Set JCO_SNC_PARTNERNAME, the SNC name of the communication
partner, e.g. p:CN=R3, O=XYZ-INC, C=EN</description>
<definition display-name="SNC level of security" id="135" mandatory="true"
name="nsap-jco-snc-qop" type="string">
<description>Set JCO_SNC_QOP, quality of protection level or SNC level of
security, 1 to 9</description>

Has anyone ever made the SAP-UM shim communicate over SNC with the SAP host?
Does it apply only to direct BAPI calls or also to the TRFC server component of
the shim?


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