I've searched many threads, but I haven't found anything that can explain why our UserApp server is hanging on login, and also when opening some Provisioning Request definitions. Our UserApp is installed on Jboss.

We're running IDM AE
UserApp Patch D
Driver version 2.2

I have re-started Jboss several times, and it starts with no errors and connects to the database with no issues.

When logging in as userappadmin all the server.log states is "Building the Entitlement CODE MAP tables....." but this never progresses and the webpage just times out eventually.
Sometimes when reloading the webpage I'm able to get in, and then some Provisioning Request Defs are able to be loaded, but some just hang.

I managed to execute a directory search and this returns results ok, so it doesn't appear to be an issue contacting the LDAP server.

I have also cleared the Jboss cache (/server/default/work and tmp folders) before re-starting Jboss, but the same issue remains. Could this be a server issue rather than application?