I was wondering whether the custom.js entirely gets processed after the code in release.js.

Or, for example, if you had something defined in the record.prototype.customPreParse function, would that take effect prior to the event is getting processed by the record.prototype.parse function in the release.js?

The reason why I'm asking is there is a particular event that's being processed by one of our out-of-the-box collectors that I think should be processed as an unsupported event but the collector is not doing so and when it starts trying to map some values to fields, it finds something unexpected and we get a collector parsing error.

I was wondering whether this is something that could be addressed through custom.js or do I need to actually manipulate the release.js to handle this situation?

I did open a support ticket on this, but if there's something I can do to address this more rapidly in the interim that would be desirable. :-)