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Thread: Filr 3.1 Update is now available

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    Exclamation Filr 3.1 Update is now available

    Filr 3.1 Update is now available via the Filr Online Update Channel. Unlike previous Filr updates, the Filr 3.1 Update requires no additional appliance or patch-file downloads. Instead, you can receive the update directly in the Port 9443 Appliance Console under the Online Update tile. Also, if you have a Large Filr deployment comprising of Filr, Filr Search and Filr MySQL appliances; you only need to apply the update on the Filr appliance(s) in your setup. There are no additional updates for the Filr Search or Filr MySQL appliance.

    However, there are a few known issues/limitations which you can avoid by following these steps:

    1. Applying the Filr 3.1 Update is a 2 step process requiring:
    (a) Applying the online update under Filr Console 9443 > Online Update
    (b) Re-configuring the Filr appliance under Filr Console 9443 > Configuration

    Failure to complete (b) will result in an incomplete update and Filr services will not start.
    To complete the update, you will have to complete Step 1b on All Filr appliances in your deployment.

    2. When completing 1a: In the 'Update Now' pop-up, select 'All Needed Patches' and remember to select the two options:
    (a) Automatically agree with all license agreements
    (b) Automatically install all interactive patches

    Failure to select these two options will cause the progress bar to show the patch is being applied which never completes.
    To complete the update, you will have to re-apply the update with the options 2a and 2b selected.

    3. If you had previously selected a schedule to apply the updates automatically, it will result in the same situation described in 1.
    To complete the update, you will have to complete Step 1b on All Filr appliances in your deployment.

    4. If you have a Clustered Filr deployment with more than 1 Filr Appliances, the order in which you complete 1a and 1b is important:
    (a) Complete 1a on ALL Filr nodes first
    (b) Complete 1b after you have completed 1a on ALL Filr nodes

    5. In some instances, you will be required to re-apply your Filr 3.0 License following the 3.1 Update
    On the first successful login to Filr 3.1, if you are prompted that your Filr License has expired, please follow these steps to Update your Filr License.

    6. In some instances, you may see that even after successfully updating to Filr 3.1, when you re-visit the Online Update, there is an additional 3.1 Update available.
    Please apply this update.

    You can read the full installation notes in the Filr 3.1 Update page as well as in the Filr 3.1 Release Notes > Applying the Filr 3.1 Update.
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