I have 4 servers, all at SLES 11 SP4 / OES2015 SP1. On two of them, if I putty to the servers and run nssmu, I get the blue screen without any menu but nothing else. No error or anything on the screen, never returns to the console prompt. I looked in /var/log/messages and don't see anything relevant. If I log into iManager, then go to Storage and choose either of the two problematic servers, iManager eventually times out with a 500 error saying the server reported an internal error. If I choose one of the two servers that work, then I see the NSS volumes in iManager and in nssmu, I get the main menu.

One of the problematic servers I had been working on tuning an iSCSI connection so I had been in and out of nssmu to create and remove volumes and partitions as recently as last week and everything was working. I applied zypper updates and it seems to have stopped working after that. The other problematic server doesn't have any iSCSI connections and is a vanilla test server. I applied the latest patches last night and still I am getting the same thing.

How can I troubleshoot this?