HI All,

Logged a call with MF about two weeks now no answer ...

I have treid local and nu registration same error on both .. this is in the 9443 UI ........ BUT (aonn 3 aplliances)
btw my smt server is 100%, just setup another new sles/oes server today and registration with clientsetup4SMT.sh works 100% ..as with my other 60 or so OES/SLES servers

on the ssh level ... i can ping .. i can ssh to the smt server .. i can wget to the smt url...but from the 9443 it is a no go ... and it is not that stageing issue that is documented..

Trying to go to NU for registration same story ... no success?..

CAN i use the clientsetup4SMT.sh script?... or will this break the appliances?.. where would i find a logfiel to show what is going on when i try to register via 9443 UI?..

Kind Regards,