Ok, so I have a bit of code that I dropped into my customPreParse method in custom.js (because I wanted it to take effect before the parse method in the collector):

if (/<regex>/.test(this.s_RXBufferString)) {
e.EventName = "Custom Name";
e.ObserverHostName = this.s_MessageOriginatorHost;
e.Message = this.s_RXBufferString;
instance.SEND_EVENT = true;
return true;

The problem I'm running into is that in the release.js, there is code that is basically overwriting my event name and message and submitting the event as an unparsed event. The ObserverHostName gets set properly but nothing else. I thought that "instance.SEND_EVENT = true" would have Sentinel submit the event immediately but apparently not the case.

Is there a way for us to tell the collector when a condition is met, map those values and send the event immediately without trying to do further parsing? Or am I doing something wrong in my snippet here?